It is Against Florida Law to Solicit the Victim of a Car or Motorcycle Crash

IT IS AGAINST THE LAW IN FLORIDA TO SOLICIT the victim of a car or motorcycle crash. Have you been called by someone you did not call to solicit you shortly after a car accident? When a person is involved in a car or motorcycle crash, either as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, it is quite often an upsetting and emotional time. A person injured in a car or motorcycle crash is often taken to a hospital or has seen a physician shortly after the crash. Someone who has been injured in a car or motorcycle crash suffers from significant pain that was not there before the crash, as well as the financial and emotional stress and pressure from expensive medical bills, loss of income, falling behind on bills, and often complicated insurance issues.

Many times a person injured in a car or motorcycle crash is left in a delicate emotional and financial state as a result of the pain and financial pressures that were caused by someone else.

Unfortunately, there are people in the world who prey on the weakness and vulnerability of those during their time of need. In the world of personal injury law, and especially in situations that involve a car or motorcycle crash, there are people who are willing to violate the law and solicit accident victims.

IT IS AGAINST THE LAW IN FLORIDA TO SOLICIT the victim of a car or motorcycle crash within 60 days of that car or motorcycle crash.

IT IS AGAINST THE LAW IN FLORIDA TO SOLICIT someone who has been injured in a car or motorcycle crash in the emergency room or a hospital.

IT IS AGAINST THE LAW IN FLORIDA TO SOLICIT someone who has been injured in a car or motorcycle crash by calling them on the phone.

IT IS AGAINST THE LAW IN FLORIDA when someone who has been injured in a car or motorcycle crash receives a phone call advising them that the caller has been in touch with the insurance company and they have obtained $2,500, $10,000, or some other amount of money for them.

These people who call or solicit those who have been injured in a car or motorcycle crash are called “runners.” These runners are hired by unethical and shady law firms and doctors, and are paid for each case and often receive anywhere from $500 to $1,000 each. Sometimes an injured person goes to a doctor’s office and without them ever calling a lawyer, there is one waiting for them at the doctor’s office to sign them up.

Since 1987, Hicks & Motto are personal injury lawyers representing those injured in car or motorcycle crashes. Our firm strongly discourages this unethical and illegal activity. A number of our clients have been approached in this way and reported it to us. Hicks & Motto has built our practice on the principles of a strong work ethic, tireless dedication to our clients, personal attention to our clients needs, and documented results. We continue to receive referrals from our clients and other lawyers in the community, and throughout the state of Florida and the nation. If you have been in a car or motorcycle crash and
received a telephone solicitation, you should know IT IS AGAINST THE LAW IN FLORIDA TO SOLICIT THE VICTIM OF A CAR OR MOTORCYCLE CRASH.

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The Florida Supreme Court Issues Key PIP Ruling

On July 3, 2013, the Florida Supreme Court issued an opinion in GEICO v. Virtual Imaging Services, Inc., that under the 2008 amendments to the Florida PIP statute, a PIP insurer cannot take advantage of the Medicare fee schedules to limit reimbursements to providers without notifying its insured by electing those fee schedules in its policy. Because the policy, in that case, did not reference the permissive method of calculation based on the Medicare fee schedules, GEICO could not limit its reimbursement based on those fee schedules. Hicks & Motto has extensive experience in PIP litigation and can assist your medical practice or facility in seeking proper compensation for treatment rendered to an injured person under PIP.

Florida Is In for Some Significant Changes In Alimony

It appears that Florida is in for some significant changes in alimony. SB 718, the Alimony Reform Bill, has been passed by the Florida Senate with some amendments. There is a high probability that this bill will continue through the legislative process and become law as early as this July.

Many people do not realize that alimony is solely a creature of statute. That means that alimony was unknown in the “common law.” What the legislature granted the legislature can take away. And this legislature is positioned to make sweeping changes to the current statutory framework of alimony.

It is beyond the scope of this article to describe all of the changes set forth in the proposed bill. They are extensive and generally favor the party who is, or will be, paying alimony. Until the final version is signed by the Governor, we won’t know exactly what this new law will mean to alimony payors and alimony recipients.

Why is it important for the clients of Hicks & Motto to know about the new alimony reform bill? Well, we believe that knowledge is power, and individual clients who could be affected by the proposed bill may want to call their legislative representatives.

Also, persons who have an existing alimony order should have their situation reviewed by an expert in family law. Alimony recipients may need to adjust their future expectations and be proactive against modifications which may be coming, including automatic reductions when the payor reaches retirement age.

Alimony payors need to have their situations reviewed in order to determine if they should be preparing to file a petition for modification. But most importantly, people who are about to file for divorce, or who are presently in the middle of a divorce, should insist that their counsel understand the probable changes brought on by the Alimony Reform bill. These changes can significantly impact negotiations and trial strategy. If you have any questions about the changes in the alimony law, or any family law or divorce matter, Hicks & Motto is here to help.

PIP Rates Rise Despite Reform

PIP, or Personal Injury Protection, is a mandatory portion in all Florida automobile insurance policies, providing up to $10,000 in no-fault medical and lost wage benefits to a person who has been injured in an auto accident. In 2012, the Florida Legislature, along with Governor Rick Scott, made it a top priority to help automobile insurance companies reduce the benefits they were obligated to pay to an injured person after an auto accident. The automobile insurance carriers, along with Governor Scott, promised reduced rates and significant premium cost savings to Florida drivers as a result of the PIP reforms and a dramatic reduction in benefits.

Monday was the deadline for automobile insurers to file their 2013 rates with the state, and unfortunately for the citizens of Florida, half of the early filings approved by regulators show an increase in PIP rates up to 26.3 percent. Hicks & Motto has a dedicated team of PIP attorneys and support staff standing up to these automobile insurance carriers by seeking justice for consumers, and ensuring PIP automobile insurance carriers pay the appropriate benefits.

Hicks & Motto has a Warning for Facebook and Social Media Users

Hicks & Motto has a warning for Facebook and social media users. Facebook is being used by insurance companies in an effort to find evidence against people who have been injured. Hicks & Motto, a personal injury and workers’ compensation law firm in Palm Beach Gardens and Port St. Lucie, Florida, is warning its clients who are injured in an accident that the things they post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or elsewhere on the web or social media, could be used against them.

If a person has been injured in a car accident, work accident, slip and fall, or other injury claim, chances are good that in addition to surveillance, the insurance carrier is looking for new ways to find evidence against the injured. Insurance companies and their lawyers have been increasingly searching social media sites for photos, videos, or blogs about what a person who has been injured in an accident is doing. Hicks & Motto has a warning for Facebook and social media users — be extremely mindful of what you post, as this may one day be taken out of context or used against you.

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