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Hicks & Motto’s business is primarily the result of referrals from satisfied clients – like these:

James H. Hicks
"Mr. James Hicks has been my lawyer for 10 years. He's always so careful and dedicated to every detail in every case that he's resolved for me with excellent outcomes!! Thank you, my family and I love you, God bless you 🙏🤗👍🏻💝"
Ms. Escoria
"I recommend Mr. Hicks because of his approachability and friendliness. He was an excellent communicator keeping me informed and updated via telephone, emails, letters, appointments, and text. I felt comfortable asking him questions and appreciate his honesty to tell me what to expect. He made sure I was prepared during each phase of the deposition. He took my calls, answered my questions pre- and post-depositions, making me feel very calm and confident. He called me the day after the deposition to encourage me and see how I was. His negotiation skills help secure appropriate compensation and help me regain a part of my life that was in limbo for several years. Thank You, Jim for your professionalism, availability, approachability, sincerity, and success."
Ms. Garvey
"Mr. James Hicks is a winner! His staff is courteous and professional. He represented me in a car accident and referred me to the best physicians for my injuries when the insurance company did not want to help, or pay for my care. He fought for me and we won $500,000. I received exceptional medical care, and Mr. Hicks and his staff handled all the rest. He paid all of my medical bills, and made sure that I was taken care of. He's been my attorney now for the past 20 years, and I highly recommend him to all of my friends and associates."
Ms. Telford
"Let’s just say I’ve never met an attorney that calls you, and keeps you in the loop! Most attorneys have the staff do this! He spends time with you and puts you at ease and makes you feel that he is going to get every dollar he can even if he has to go court! He’s not like those guys who advertise on TV and will take a settlement right away so they can bring fast money in to pay their overhead! Jim makes the process easy and fast and I’m so glad I chose him to handle my accident case! Looking for a lawyer? Call Jim, you’ll be glad you did!"
Mr. Setteducati
"Mr. Hicks' and his law firm came highly recommended by a lifelong friend. From the first contact with my wife, who was the injured party, and I, Mr. Hicks briefed us he'd be grateful to take on our case against one of the most recognizable insurers in the United States. He related he'd reviewed all of our submitted evidence and told us he was highly confident our case would end in our favor. From there he went on to put us at ease by telling us about his and the firm’s responsibility to its clients. We agreed to the firm representing us and Mr. Hicks provided us with his personal contact information should we need him. Mr. Hicks and his staff definitely put in the work to prove our case warranted either a settlement or lawsuit. In the end, the insurer was presented with overwhelming evidence and arrived to the conclusion of a settlement. Should you need representation in the areas of the firm’s specialties, they should be your first choice for consultation and subsequent hiring."
Mr. Steele
Michael A. Motto
“Mike was aggressive in defending our rights, but not aggressive trying to attach the other party. I was always able to speak to Mike any time I had questions.”
Mr. Inman
“He represented me with my best interest and was very competent in handling the insurance company. He was very responsible, professional, and courteous, and I am 100% satisfied.”
Ms. Correa
“My lawyer was very knowledgeable and encouraging. I was extremely satisfied with the representation I received and would recommend to friends or family.”
Ms. Isaacson
“I was kept informed each step of the way. A personal touch let me know he was doing his best. I was very satisfied and will call again if I ever need help.”
Mr. Pedley
"I liked how he handled my case because I actually made more money than I anticipated. I was very satisfied with the representation I received -- I'll let Mike handle my next not-at-fault crash."
Mr. Belford
"I liked Mr. Motto a lot because he always fought for my rights. I was totally satisfied with the representation I received."
Ms. Rivera
"Mike handled my claim well. He is very competent with insurance companies. Overall, I was very satisfied."
Mr. Inman
"He produced the amount of compensation expected, understanding how to achieve that. Mike reviewed how the case was handled at the end, which made me appreciate why things were handled the way they were during the case."
Mr. Smego
"Mr. Motto and his staff were efficient, productive, and very responsive to our case and daily needs. I can't say enough what an effective representative he is!"
Ms. Wilder
"This attorney and his staff were professional communicative. We were well represented and greatful for their service."
Ms. Pantini
"The professionals at this law firm make their clients reasssured that their case is their top priority."
Ms. Diaz
"This firm is not only very professional, they're good communicators. They're polite, explain information clearly, and are always available for questions. I would highly him."
Ms. Clark
"The teamwork I saw between all staff members makes the whole stronger that its parts. Every promise Mr. Motto made was kept. I was fully briefed on each aspect of my case, and he did not over-promise – he over-delivered. All promises were kept, and information moved fast. This is an unusually professional team exuding smooth professionalism. I am very satisfied with the representation I received. Keep it up!"
Mr. Luntz
"The attorneys are brilliant and very respectful – it was textbook perfect. The office staff was extremely polite and rather courteous. I would absolutely recommend (the firm); they achieve success. I was totally satisfied; they represent you, not their wallets. ‘Macho-man’ Motto deserved special recognition – he’s an awesome guy."
Mrs. Cherry
"I liked Mr. Motto’s quick response. My lawyer kept me informed…and I felt comfortable that I knew the status of my case. The office staff was very helpful and professional answering or getting answers to my questions, and C. was a very caring person. I would have no problem recommending anyone to your firm after the wonderful treatment I received – on a scale of 1 to 10, I would say my treatment was a 15."
Mrs. Crouse
Mr. Erskine Rogers III
“Thank you very much, once again, for all of your help and hard work on the case."
Dr. Berlin
“I was going through a divorce and hired attorney Erskine Rogers to represent me. My second wife tried to take half of my premarital house. It was a tough case; because of his hard work and professional knowledge, the judgment was in my favor. Mr. Roger's paralegal, Donna, was also awesome. Thank you so much for the outcome!"
Mr. Brecher
“Of all the lawyers I’ve had to deal with the last few years, of which there have been many, Mr. Rogers was the only one who actually got something done efficiently and without turning it into some big money-making litigation. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated what he did for N*** and me, and I can’t really say that about most lawyers. Plus, his great sense of humor really helped take the edge off a bad situation during a bad time. So, thank you.”
Ms. Bates
The Firm
“At Hicks & Motto, the phone was always answered quickly, and all questions were answered quickly. We were very satisfied with the representation received, and the outcomes of both our cases.”
Mr. Inman
“The staff is very friendly and helpful, always greeting me upon arrival and being pleasant and accommodating.”
Ms. Isaacson
“The staff always responded promptly and positively with my needs, and what I like most about the firm is always keeping me informed, the honesty and the friendliness.”
Ms. Correa
“(I liked) the accessibility to information, and not being harassed by outside entities. All staff members were excellent. If I couldn’t get an answer right away, I was assured answers would be gotten. Hopefully you can expand your expertise – I can always use help in different areas!”
Mr. Pedley
“I would like to thank Sheri Hopkins, Gloria, and the staff of Michael Motto for your hard work to settle my case. I know that it wasn't an easy one but with your determination and persistence you were able to secure an agreement in my favor...I greatly appreciate your excellent and professional representation."
Ms. Gilles
"The firm had a fast return on all my inquiries. The office staff was very professional. All messages were forwarded to the appropriate person quickly was very professional. Cynthia did a great job -- and of course, King Motto. I would recommend Hicks & Motto to friends and family -- and I already have."
Mr. Belford
"This firm is very responsible. The staff was very professional, and they always kept me informed of my case at all times. I will recommend them 100% to all my family and friends because I had the privilege to work with them, and I was always taken care of very well."
Ms. Rivera
"The office staff was very professional. They always returned calls efficiently and answered questions. Everyone was very polite and professional, and my claim was handled very well."
Mr. Inman
"What I liked most about the firm was the understanding of how to handle my case to provide the easiest results. The office staff was always professional. They always handled requests politely and timely."
Mr. Smego
"This firm identified opportunities and acted quickly and throughly. This enabled our case to be successfully resolved in a timely manner."
Ms. Wilder
"Mike kept us informed every step of the way, and his staff was easily accessible. I'm not surprised that with organization like this we won our case!"
Ms. Pantini
"Mr. Motto always returned my phone calls in a timely matter, whenever I had any questions about my case. He kept us informed and felt like we were in very good hands being represented by him and his firm. I would highly recommend him to everyone I know."
Ms. Diaz
"This firm is well-staffed, professional and informative to prospective clients. They're well connected to the resources needed to win cases."
Ms. Clark
"My experience with Hicks & Motto was a great one! They helped me with my accident case and got me top dollar for my pain and suffering. They answered all my questions and concerns, and put me at ease! I would highly recommend Hicks & Motto Law Firm to anyone!"
Mr. Setteducati
"The attorneys at Hicks & Motto took time in explaining to me what my options were with regard to a prospective personal injury case. I had a car accident, and I also needed information about property damage and PIP benefits. They did not talk down to me, and seemed to really care about my situation."
Mr. Baker
"Hicks & Motto represented me twice. I have found them to be extremely competent and excellent, knowledgeable lawyers in every respect. They went the extra mile for me, and their awareness of others along with their heartfelt care and consideration for me and my family will not be forgotten. I would recommend the Hicks & Motto law firm without hesitation."
Mr. Joss
"They were always very receptive to our questions and concerns. All phone calls were returned in a timely manner. In closing, Hicks & Motto was able to convince the insurance company to grant us a fair settlement in our case."
Mr. Cook
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