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Choosing an attorney to represent you at a time of trauma or great need is a very personal, private process – one we believe has, and always will, be about relating to every individual client’s circumstances and committing to gaining the best possible outcome unique to that client.

Trust must be both implicit and earned when an attorney represents you. Our personal injury attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience, and each one is experienced in jury and non-jury trials. It is our method to back each other up at every turn, working as a uniquely qualified team. Unlike many other personal injury law firms, our clients deal directly and personally with their attorney, from the initial consultation through the conclusion of the case.

At Hicks & Motto, we handle cases of every size, diversity, and complexity – do not believe that your situation lacks the merit of our free consultation. Our primary focus is personal injury representation, with associates also specializing in family law, probate, guardianship, landlord/tenant, criminal defense, traffic court, and other types of litigation. Founded in 1987 by James H. Hicks, the firm’s range of legal expertise is rare among mid-sized practices and offers distinct client advantages. Our partners often help each other prepare witnesses, take depositions, and in the trial portion of a case. Our attorneys are all experienced trial litigators, an advantage when moving through the complexities of a personal injury case. If it is in a client’s best advantage to litigate rather than settle, we stand prepared.

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