Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

In Florida, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is also known as “no-fault” benefits and applies specifically to automobile accidents.

When a person is injured in a crash and requires medical treatment, the cost of that medical treatment, up to $10,000, is paid for (in most instances) by the injured person’s own automobile insurance carrier – regardless of who caused the accident.

The injured person is still responsible for a portion of the medical expenses, even with PIP.  However, when the automobile insurance company denies benefits to its injured policyholder, Florida PIP Statute § 627.736 allows for recovery of PIP benefits with no attorney fees or costs. The injured person or a medical provider pays absolutely nothing to claim PIP benefits.

The expert PIP attorneys at Hicks & Motto have the experience, knowledge, and resolve to represent you when an insurance company unjustly tries to deny or reduce your PIP benefits covered under PIP laws.

Hicks & Motto represents clients in all aspects of PIP claims, from drafting demand letters through trial and appeal.  Our PIP clients include injured persons, medical doctors, chiropractors, MRI facilities, orthopedists, licensed massage therapists, clinics, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers.  The Personal Injury Protection laws in Florida often change, and Hicks & Motto’s team of experienced PIP attorneys and support staff are dedicated to holding the automobile insurance carriers responsible for all benefits due.

If you are a medical provider who accepted a patient’s benefits assignment and had any or all portions of your benefits denied or reduced, please contact Hicks & Motto today for a free personal injury consultation regarding your rights under the contract of insurance. The automobile insurance companies have qualified Personal Injury Protection (PIP) lawyers working for them – and you should, too.

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