Head Injuries

At Hicks & Motto, we have years of experience helping brain-injured clients who have suffered permanent disability for reasons ranging from head trauma to the devastating effects of toxic chemical exposure.

Compounding individuals’ frustration and loss resulting from their emotional and financial disabilities, their families must cope with and learn to support this loved one whose personality, mentality, and intellect may never be the same. Compounding these traumatic circumstances are lost wages, mounting medical bills, and the overwhelming feeling of permanent loss.

Due to the never-ending and frequently severe consequences of a brain injury, a financial settlement may never truly compensate for or repair these losses. What a monetary award can do is guarantee the best possible care and the replacement of the temporary or permanent loss of vital income. Hicks & Motto understands these sensitive cases and all of the attendant complexities. Our attorneys are ready to zealously represent brain-injured clients, whether the permanent injury is mild, moderate, or severe, to obtain the maximum compensation.

Should you or a loved one suffer a brain injury – most due to negligent situations such as vehicle accidents, slip-and-falls, or defective products – please contact us for a free personal injury consultation.

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