Defective Products

As consumers, we purchase products with an implicit trust that a manufacturer has gone to the necessary lengths, conducted product testing, and is complying with accepted manufacturing and safety practices.

Most products meet our safety expectations, but every year some defective products prove to be unfit and unsafe for their intended use. Unfortunately, countless people may be injured by a defective product before it is forced off the shelves by its overseeing governmental agency.

A defective product can be anything a consumer purchases that is not safe for its intended use. Some common defective products include defective vehicle design or unsafe automobile parts, medications, contaminated food products, children’s toys and child safety seats, defective household equipment like hot water heaters, defective tools like ladders, products with metallurgic defects, and a multitude of other consumer products wrongfully placed in the stream of commerce.

Defective products produce injuries of varying severity up to and including death. If an automobile part does not work properly, the car may become involved in a traffic accident through no fault of the driver. If a medication is defective, then the person ingesting the defective medication may face severe and previously unknown health-related side effects.

The complex liability requirements for defective products injury claims require you to have the best legal representation. Please contact us for a free personal injury consultation – we will take on the manufacturers of defective products to gain you a fair and just outcome.

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