Slips And Falls

“Slip-and-fall accident” describes a class of personal injury cases where a person trips, slips, or otherwise falls due to the dangerous conditions on another’s property; those property owners may be held financially responsible for injuries occurring on their property.

There is a myriad of negligent circumstances that result in a slip-and-fall injury, including:

  • Defective stairway
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Lack of warning signs
  • Improper or wet flooring
  • Poor maintenance: ripped carpeting, cracked cement, potholes, uneven ground

This type of personal injury case can be quite complex, with the courts turning a very critical eye toward the behavior of both the injured party and the property owner. The courts recognize that property owners bear responsibility for maintaining safe conditions – for example, shoppers entering their store for the purpose of buying products. Conversely, sometimes people just slip or fall, and no reasonable precaution by the property owner could have prevented the accident.

It is typically incumbent on the injured person to prove the fall was caused by a known dangerous condition or one that should have been known, by the property’s owner. A property owner may well argue that the danger was the result of an unanticipated or hidden condition.

There are three common types of slip-and-fall cases where the courts frequently find the property owner is legally and therefore financially responsible for the injury that occurred on the property:

  1. The property owner created the dangerous condition that resulted in the accident.
  2. The property owner did not create the dangerous condition, but can still be held liable if he or she knew about the dangerous condition and negligently failed to repair it.
  3. The property owner did not know of the dangerous condition, but it existed on his or her property long enough that it should have been discovered and repaired before the accident.

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